For us, corporate support comes in varying forms and we want to ensure that all of our partners select options that are aligned with their organizational sponsorship focus.


We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and creative, and therefore are open to developing unique sponsorship opportunities for those that wish to support our organization.

Ways that you can assist as a corporate partner-

Corporate Cook-Offs

These are a unique opportunity to provide your staff with an interactive team building experience while giving back to the community. Corporate cook-offs promote team work, communication, and and allow staff to interact with other staff they may not necessarily work with on a regular basis.

Matching Donations

Support the philanthropic efforts of your staff by matching the donations they make to their preferred charities.

Programme & Operational Support

Organizations that fall within this category are financial contributors and have the option of supporting a specific programme , area of operations, or general operational support.

In this instance we meet with potential partners to discuss available options, and provide suggestions that we feel will work for both organizations.

In-Kind Partners

In-Kind partners provide us with goods or services throughout the year. We currently have food, telecom and vehicle sponsors.

Special Events & Fundraisers

Partners falling into this category will generally contribute financial support and provide volunteers drawn from their organizations to help with the planning and management of fund raisers and other special events.

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