Food insecurity doesn't discriminate based on race, sex or religious beliefs. It doesn't care if you are young, or old, employed, or unemployed.

Not knowing where your next meal will come from is not exclusive to the person sleeping in the doorway's of Hamilton, or those seeking refuge in shelters.  It doesn't care what part of Bermuda you are from or where you went to school.

It doesn't just impact people during the holidays.  It is always there day in and day out.

Food insecurity is perhaps the most accepting of all the issues that we face as a community.  It can happen to anyone...and it does!

So the next time you look at the person next to you at work, your sons best friend from school, or the person staring back at you in the mirror, remember this, not knowing where your next meal will come from can impact us all in one shape or form.

The Eliza DoLittle Society is committed to educating the public on the impact of food insecurity and looking for ways that we can help alleviate this growing issue in Bermuda.


Doing more with less, sometimes means having to be more creative​ with our meals, but we should never lose sight of the importance of a well balanced meal.

Many assume that people in need of food resemble those that we see on ads who have battled with malnutrition  and starvation for  the better part of their lives, but that is not the case in Bermuda for the most part. in fact it is often the exact opposite.

Those that are food insecure in Bermuda will reach for those items that provide  them with the greatest volume for the money they have to spend.

Unfortunately, that generally results in people selecting items that tend  to be high in salts, sugar, and other additives that cause obesity and other illnesses that stem from  poor eating habits.

In our recipes section we will endeavor to supply our readers with simple meals that won't break the bank yet provide the basic elements of a nutritionally balanced meal.


Meet Mollie

Mollie began her charitable efforts in grade 10, when she started a project that she called Mollie's Muffins/Mac n' Cheese, which allowed her to use her love of baking to help others.

Initially it began as her baking a few dozen muffins or individual macaroni n' cheese potions, which she then donated to The Eliza DoLittle Society.

This allowed Mollie to gain her Bronze and Silver community service hours, but she soon realized that she wanted to do more. In September 2016, Mollie founded the BHS Baking Club and not only taught the younger students how to bake, but the role STEAM( Science,Technology,Engineering,

Arts & Math) played in the process.

The baking club meets once a week, and each term six new students are selected to participate. During the 2016/2017 school year the students were able to bake and donate over 1,000 muffins !


To those looking in from the outside they may just seem like a bunch of students making muffins, but in reality they are the future leaders and philanthropists of tomorrow in the making. 

It's important that we recognize the efforts of those trying to make our community a better one.

The Eliza DoLittle Society has been fortunate as we are surrounded by some  very special young people who share  in our vision of alleviating hunger  in Bermuda. 

Each junior philanthropist has their own special talent and all of them help to make our organization a better one. 

We are proud to play a role in mentoring these young adults who will ultimately be the philanthropists of tomorrow!


If you'd like to be a part of something

special and make a difference in the community,contact us today!



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