Our Food Bank is located in Warwick and provides support to those in need Tuesday - Friday from 10am-2pm.

Registered clients are provided with a variety of fresh, frozen, and non-perishable items and are allowed to make use of our services once a week. These goods are donated by local community partners such as farmers, retailers and wholesale agencies and purchased using funds donated.

It is extremely difficult to meet the ever growing demand,and so efforts such as food drives and corporate cook-offs are an immense help in keeping stock levels manageable.As we refocus efforts on providing healthy and nutritious food options, it becomes even more challenging due to the cost of fresh and unprocessed items and greater assistance is needed in order to help us achieve our goals.

The number of people that require assistance continues to grow, and we currently provide  3,000+ meals each month through the Food Bank and in 2019 provided the community with just under 45,638 meals.

Providing this level of support can be extremely challenging,so please reach out and see how you or your organization can help.



Meal Venues

The nutritional needs of seniors can be extremely rigid depending on the state of their health, and although it is our goal to stock our Food Bank with items that promote healthy eating, we cannot always guarantee their availability.

It is because of this reason, and the sheer volume of seniors requiring assistance that the Adopt-a-Senior programme was born. Seniors enrolled in the programme receive monthly stipends that can be used at the Lindo's Group of Companies to purchase those goods that are aligned with their dietary requirements.

In 2017, through the generosity of HSBC we are now able to provide 33 seniors with support for the next two years.  There are however, many others who require assistance and some receive support through individual contributors.


Be a part of the solution and find out how you can help.


Learning in today's over stimulated environment is difficult enough without children having to worry about whether or not they will have an adequate meal for lunch, or in some cases anything at all to eat.

Research has shown that students without access to adequate amounts of nutritionally balanced foods, the physical development, cognitive learning skills, and behavior of these students is impacted negatively. 

Through the support of organizations such as The ARGO Foundation, we are able to provide at risk students with lunches each day throughout the school year.



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